Founder & Viticulturist

Learn more about Wayne Gabb, Lomond's founder and viticulturist.

Wayne Gabb, Founder

“My responsibility is to the soil and the environment.”

Wayne Gabb, Viticulturist and General Manager of Lomond Wines, believes first and foremost in sustainability. As one of the founders of Lomond, he was involved from the beginning, and saw the need to first increase the organic matter in the soil before tackling the vines. Gabb also pioneered the use of organic and natural farming methods on Lomond, and only uses drip irrigation on the farm where absolutely necessary.

This careful and holistic approach has allowed Gabb to build a solid base on the farm and draw the very best out of the soil, ensuring that Lomond continues to produce award-winning wines without depleting its resources.

We have chosen to farm in a way that gives maximum expression to the diversity of soil types and elevations on the farm, while protecting the indigenous habitat here.

– Wayne Gabb, Founder