• Conebush – Conservation in Action

    Last year we introduced you to one of our areas conservation heroes, Princess, and her team at Siyanda Alien Clearing. Unfortunately government funding for alien plant clearing has not returned since the start of the pandemic. However, Princess and her team remain hard at work on Lomond. And currently, they are tackling a hillside with 4 different species of Conebush on it, 2 of which have a conservation status of either Endangered or Vulnerable.

    As we near the end of our month-long celebration of Conebush, we wanted to provide an update on one of the most critical and often overlooked conservation projects that is ongoing on the farm.

    On the side of one of the tallest peaks on the farm, overlooking the Lomond dam, resides the Elim (Endangered), Dune (Vulnerable), Sunshine, and Toffee Apple Conebush species.

    Alien plants remain the primary threat to most fynbos in this area and this hillside is no exception.

    For over a month, Princess and her team have been slowly working their way across this hillside clearing out the biggest culprit: Acacia saligna, or Port Jacksons.

    The work is intense, slow, and meticulous – but the results are undeniable.

    Coming to the farm soon? Take a stroll on some of our trails and see if you can spot all 4 Conebush species.

    There is only 1 day left to enjoy R75 OFF per bottle of our Single Vineyard Conebush Syrah. Be sure to take advantage before August 1st.

  • Shiraz and Red Meat Pairing

    It’s officially red wine and braai season. If you’ve ever stopped by our tasting room, you’ve likely experienced the diversity of pairings possible with a Lomond Shiraz and the various meats found on our platters.

    Why does red meat work so well with the spicy red wine? Let’s discuss the characteristics of both to understand.

    We believe cool-climate Shiraz from the Cape Agulhas region has endless potential.

    The slow-ripening of the grapes due to the low temps allows for proper phenolic development as sugars in the grapes rise slowly. This results in a soft, elegant wine; bursting with fruit and notes of white pepper, with a higher natural acidity.

    Tannin, white pepper flavors, acidity, and dark fruit aromas are the pillars that hold up a cool-climate Shiraz.

    On the red meat side, the key factors at play are protein, fat, and often some kind of flavoring such as smokiness due to the braai, spice on the meat, and/or sauces.

    Tannin in the wine binds to the proteins in the meat. The result is a lifting of the umami in the meat and a release of more flavors in both the wine and the meat. This binding can also make the wine more smooth and approachable.

    Further, tannin and acidity in the wine will rinse the pallet of the fats from red meat, allowing for each bite to be experienced fully.

    The fat in red meat also ‘coats’ the acidity of red wines, giving it a more subtle effect and lifting up the more elegant aspects of the wine like the fruity characteristics.

    And finally, that trademark white pepper note that comes through on Cape Agulhas Shiraz can transform certain meats. In our experience, lean and more ‘gamey’ meats like that of venison are best to experience this. The wine and the meat soften each other while bringing out flavors one just doesn’t find within either by itself.

    If you’d like to hear more about the magic of Shiraz and red meat, tune into our Instagram Thursday, 17 June at 4pm to watch winemaker Hannes Meyer and Richard Bosman of Bosman Quality Cured Meats go Live to discuss their favorite pairings. >>>>> @Lomondwine

  • Introducing Merlot Rosé 2021

    With each new vintage, our goal is always to make small improvements in the vineyards and in the winery to ultimately continue making better wines. Winemaking is a game of inches, not miles.

    However, with each new vintage of our Merlot Rosé, the wine seems to be making massive leaps forward. What was once a simple, easy-drinking, ‘fun’ wine has evolved into a Provence-inspired work of art.

    An especially cool and delayed harvest allowed the Merlot to ripen very slow in ’21. The result was perfect phenolic ripening of the grapes, creating those mouth-watering strawberry, watermelon, and candy floss flavors. The chilly temps also kept the natural acidity high in each bunch, creating a youthful zestiness in the wine.

    Elegant, vibrant, and exploding with fruity, candy floss aromas – we are thrilled to introduce the 2021 Merlot Rosé to you. You will taste the progression this stunning wine has made upon opening the first bottle.

    While our Rosé has long been the perfect companion for the beach or pool – this vintage even deserves a place at the dinner table or as a sundowner in front of the fire.

    We hope you enjoy.

  • The Magic of Vertical Tastings

    When most people think wine, they think 3 things: color, flavor, and aroma. But one of the most fascinating aspects that cannot be overlooked is time.

    Every bottle of wine is alive. It is changing every day that passes. And the best way to experience this is with a vertical tasting.

    Last week we hosted a very special virtual event for Lomond Cellar Club members that really illustrates this. For those who participated, we sent them 200ml samples of 5 of our most special vintages of Sauvignon Blanc all the way back to 2010.

    Once their tasting kits arrived, winemaker Hannes Meyer joined everyone on Zoom to taste through the years.

    Hannes shared the triumphs and failures from each vintage, while guiding everyone through the evolution of the wine from 2010 to present. We are fortunate to be in a part of the world where even white wines age beautifully. Our cool-climate region yields naturally high acidity and low pH’s which protect the wine and keep it vibrant and youthful over the years. And that signature Cape Agulhas minerality you find on our Sauvignon Blanc only gets more complex and intriguing as time passes.

    If you’d like to participate in our next virtual event, be sure to signup FREE for our Cellar Club by clicking the link below. Hope to see you online at the next tasting!

  • The Perfect Pairing – Lomond Trout and Sauvignon Blanc

    The Alchemy of Nature is an ethos many find contagious after spending just a single afternoon on the farm. As you sit on the shores of the dam and enjoy the simple pleasures and flavors cultivated in the fynbos-covered hills surrounding, it starts to sink in.

    There’s no better example of this experience than our personal favorite pairing – Lomond Trout and Sauvignon Blanc. Simple yet exquisite, the harmonious combination of flavors between these two Lomond favorites is a testament to the Alchemy of Nature.

    Surely if you’ve visited us, you’ve noticed the trout farm peacefully floating off in the distance on the dam. Owned and operated by Alicia and Albert Kemp from the quaint little village, Baardskeerdersbos down the road from us. Their business, B’Bos Trout, has been in operation since 2008. They are actually one of only a few trout farms still remaining in the Western Cape.

    With each rain, water flows down between the vines and fills the dam. The connection between everything on the farm, as in nature, is vast.

    The trout raised in the dam is of unbelievable quality and freshness, as you enjoy it just 50 meters from where it is raised. The salmon-colored meat is rich and satiating. The depth of flavors in the fish requires nothing more than a pinch of salt and a dash of lemon.

    Given the robust palate one finds with the trout, it makes for the perfect example of the pairing capabilities of our bolder, more complex Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blancs. The tropical notes allow one to better navigate the richness of the trout. The minerality on the finish of the wine acts as a guide to the layers and layers of flavors found within the fish. And finally, the acidity of the wine will find a match with the lemon spritz atop the trout – providing a foundation for the whole experience.

    Whether it be the cold smoke, hot smoke, or trout paté – the experience of combining all of these farm-fresh flavors is why we love what we do. Experience it for yourself next time you come for a visit 🥂

    What is your favorite meal to pair with one of our Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blancs? Comment below and win a free bottle of Pincushion if we pick yours for our next pairing feature.

  • Sauvignon Blanc Vertical Tasting (Virtual)

    Sit down virtually with winemaker Hannes Meyer for an interactive wine tasting of 5 different vintages of Lomond Sauvignon Blanc, going back 10 years.

    Each ticket includes 1 freshly packed tasting kit of 5 different 200ml samples (enough for 2 adults) of vintage wines from our personal collection over the years.

    Each kit also includes 1 bottle of our soon-to-be-released, all-new 2021 Estate Sauvignon Blanc.

    Experience for yourself the aging potential of Cape Agulhas Sauvignon Blanc while you learn about the complexities and nuance that goes into crafting wines that can withstand the test of time.

    Seats are limited to ensure a personal experience so get your tickets today!

  • Wooded Whites of Agulhas

    Experience the Wooded White Wines from the Agulhas region during a cool and exclusive showcase, presented by Pierre Rabie from Giant Periwinkle, Hannes Meyer from Lomond and Trevor DeRuisé from LOST BOY.

    Date: Tuesday 27 April 2021
    Time: 11h00 – 12h30
    Venue: The Giant Periwinkle wine farm, Baardskeerdersbos (Visit www.giantperiwinkle.co.za for directions)

    Cost: R120 (EFT or at the door)
    Reservations: E-mail Robert Stelzner – rglstelz@law.co.za

  • Art Week at Lomond

    Wine & Art pairs wonderfully!

    Join us for a whole week of fun with wine & art.We’ll have daily art exhibitions of the local artists from Gallary69’s masterpieces, no entrance fee!

    We’ll also be hosting a series of other daily events throughout the week.

    For any further info:
    Whatsapp: 082 908 0099
    Email: info@lomond.co.za

  • Die Heuwels Fantasties LIVE at Lomond

    Music & Wine next to the dam – what more could one ask for?We’ll have large bedouin tents up, next to the dam, serving drinks & foods while you enjoy the absolutely amazing Heuwels Fantasties!!

    Gates open from 9H30, performance starting from 12H00.

    Seating available, but picnic blankets & camping chairs advisable.

    Please note, no tables or seats will be reserved, so be sure to come early to reserve your spot!

    Tickets sales are limited to ensure proper social distancing.

    Adults: R250 (includes your own stemless wine glass)Kids u/18: R200
    Kids u/12: R100
    Kids u/5 free

    Any further enquiries:
    Whatsapp – 082 908 0099
    Email – info@lomond.co.za

  • Wine Walk

    Saturday 3 April, 2021 at 10am

    Stroll, sip-sip, from Sauvignon to Merlot!Enjoy a wine walking route between our vineyards, stopping at the different cultivars for a wine tasting at each block.

    Whatever your motivation; getting fit or getting buzzed, remember to book your spot:
    info@lomond.co.za or
    082 908 0099 (Whatsapp)

    R150 pp