• Introducing Merlot Rosé 2021

    With each new vintage, our goal is always to make small improvements in the vineyards and in the winery to ultimately continue making better wines. Winemaking is a game of inches, not miles.

    However, with each new vintage of our Merlot Rosé, the wine seems to be making massive leaps forward. What was once a simple, easy-drinking, ‘fun’ wine has evolved into a Provence-inspired work of art.

    An especially cool and delayed harvest allowed the Merlot to ripen very slow in ’21. The result was perfect phenolic ripening of the grapes, creating those mouth-watering strawberry, watermelon, and candy floss flavors. The chilly temps also kept the natural acidity high in each bunch, creating a youthful zestiness in the wine.

    Elegant, vibrant, and exploding with fruity, candy floss aromas – we are thrilled to introduce the 2021 Merlot Rosé to you. You will taste the progression this stunning wine has made upon opening the first bottle.

    While our Rosé has long been the perfect companion for the beach or pool – this vintage even deserves a place at the dinner table or as a sundowner in front of the fire.

    We hope you enjoy.

  • Fighting for Fynbos

    Happy New Year, everyone. What a year it was. For many, ourselves included, 2020 brought challenges unlike anything experienced before. And while we welcome the new beginning – 2021 is a blank canvas rather than a solution. What we make of it is entirely up to us.

    In November last year we introduced you to Princess. Together, with the help of your Sauvignon Blanc orders, we were able to hire her and her team for 12 weeks.

    In this time they cleared thousands of alien plants that had all but won the fight with the indigenous fynbos. Today, 12 of the 16 hectare, high-priority section on Lomond has been saved.

    A quick walk through the cleared area makes it clear why these efforts are so critical. Within 20 minutes of exploration, 8 different indigenous fynbos species ranging from Critically Endangered to Vulnerable were identified. Every one of them is facing decreasing populations with the #1 reason the same: habitat loss due to alien plant species.

    Leucadendron elimense – Status: Endangered, Population: Decreasing
    Protea aspera – Status: Vulnerable, Population: Decreasing
    Leucospermum prostratum – Status: Vulnerable, Population: Decreasing
    Osyris speciosa – Status: Vulnerable, Population: Decreasing
    Protea subulifolia – Status: Threatened, Population: Decreasing
    Leucospermum hypophyllocarpodendron – Status: Vulnerable, Population: Decreasing
    Serruria rubricaulis – Status: Near threatened, Population: Decreasing
    Aulax umbellata – Status: Near threatened, Population: Decreasing

    With 4 more hectares still to go, the fight doesn’t stop there. All of these sections now need to be revisited several times to stop any new alien growth or risk falling right back into the dire conditions they were in just a few months ago.

    The fight against aliens is daunting. It is thankless. And it is hard work. However, it’s worth it. Our goal is to keep Princess and her team employed and fighting into 2021.

    If you are able, we ask that you join us in this fight and help us protect South Africa’s beautiful fynbos for generations to come.

    * Donation:
  • November for Good

    2020 has been anything but conventional. It has had many of us reprioritizing the things that matter most in life. As Black Friday nears, it was clear we needed to take a different approach this year. One that aligned better with the core values of Lomond which are conservation and community.

    We would like to introduce you to Princess. She is a businesswoman, a conservationist, and a role model for many young women in the Gansbaai area. Her company, Siyanda Alien Clearing, is committed to fighting one of the greatest threats to fynbos: the invasion of alien plant species. She has been battling these invasive plants for 16 years and employs a team of 10 women. Rather than a manager, she acts as a mentor to the members of her team – teaching and empowering them to grow and one day become their own boss, just like she has done.

    Since lockdown, nearly all funding for alien clearing has been halted, leaving Princess and her team out of work. Since most of her workers are the primary source of income for their families, you can imagine the hardship they’ve been facing.

    Further, these alien plants have not slowed their spread with the pandemic. Instead, they’ve taken full advantage of the absence of Princess and her team.

    There are a number of fynbos species that are found nowhere else on earth beyond the borders of Lomond. They exist right here, above the vines, and nowhere else.

    Knowing this and the obvious hardship such a special member of our community has been facing, we hired Princess and her team last month to exclusively tackle a problematic area of the farm where we have started to lose the fight to aliens.

    In just 4 weeks, they have made incredible progress and shown sunlight to fynbos that was nearly lost.

    It is hard and often thank-less work. It’s a never-ending task. However, it is critical for the conservation of fynbos.

    So like many things this year, the old idea of Black Friday just doesn’t add up anymore. Moments are more important than things. Outdoors are far superior to indoors. And we are encouraging everyone to trade the mall for the hills. Grab a nice bottle of wine and head into nature with loved ones.

    And with that, we will be allocating 10% of every bottle of Sauvignon Blanc sold, for the rest of the month, towards this conservation initiative.

  • Alcohol Ban Update 13/07/2020

    Surely you’ve heard the news by now regarding the reinstitution of the country-wide ban on alcohol. It has been a poignant reminder that we are not yet out of the woods when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic. We all share many emotions with these new regulations as jobs and livelihoods hang in the balance. Still, it is not our place to debate the efficacy of such actions. We hold fast to our faith that we are all simply doing the best we can to defeat Covid and to support our fellow South Africans. And defeat it, we will.

    For now, we must first thank you all for your continued support. Our winemaking team in the cellar, the lovely ladies in the tasting room who have learned e-commerce on the fly over these last 12 weeks, and all of the hands out in the vineyards pruning the vines right now are only there because of you. 

    The storm knocked the power out last night. As the rain and the wind howled outside, we had a farm-wide meeting by candlelight first thing this morning. The mood was somber but more importantly it was hopeful. This farm is our home and all of you have become our family. Together, we’ll make it through this again.

    For now, we are working to get clarity on what we can do about orders that have been placed but have not yet been fulfilled. If you are in this group, please look for a note from us shortly on how we are able to proceed. 

    We will continue to take orders through our online shop and would encourage you to take advantage of the deals available there during the ban. We’ve learned A LOT from the first time around and have implemented all new systems starting right now to ensure Lomond wines are the very first in the delivery queues when this ban is lifted. We will continue to inquire with those in the wine industry working directly with the government to get you the most up-to-date info on signs of when we can deliver again.

    Beyond this, we’ve got some more exciting virtual events to bring to you in the coming weeks. Look for info on these soon.

    From all of us here on the farm, thank you. Be well and stay safe.