• Sugar and Spice – Harvest

    It’s showtime for Sugar and Spice, the two vines we’ve been following for the last 10 months. Harvest 2022 is a bit later than usual but officially in full swing here on the farm.

    These two vines located on opposite sides of the farm in vastly different soils contribute to two of our most beloved wines: Sugarbush Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc and Conebush Single Vineyard Syrah.

    The Sugarbush vineyard planted on the north western slopes of the farm was the final Sauvignon Blanc to be harvested. Sugar was picked early this week at 23.1 balling in fantastic condition and filled with stunning flavors.

    Fermentation has now begun in a stainless steel tank. In about 10-14 days the wine will be completely dry but will remain on the fine lees until bottling.

    What does Sugar do now?

    The day a vineyard is harvested, the next vintage begins. The stress of ripening the grapes can take a lot out of a vine. Immediately after the bunches are picked, water and nutrients are given to the vine. The goal is to replenish energy stores and keep the canopy green and healthy for as long as possible as the days get shorter and colder with winter approaching. The work for 2022 has just concluded for Sugar, but now the vine is hard at work on 23 already.

    How about Spice?

    Veraison has now concluded in the Syrah vineyards but this later-ripening cultivar is still busy building up sugars in the berries. By our estimates, we have another 2-3 weeks before Spice is harvested.

    With a few rain storms in the forecast and the iconic Cape Agulhas sea fog sitting in the vineyards each morning, this is the part of harvest where the winemakers become quite anxious. Balancing ripeness with the health of the fruit is key.

    Cheers to 2022! 🥂

  • Introducing: Seven Rows

    22 years ago the very first vine went into the ground on Lomond. 

    Our goal from the outset remains unchanged; to create South Africa’s finest cool climate wines which are comparable to the best in the world.

    The pursuit of quality is, by definition, incremental and perpetual.

    Over decades, we have studied every slope on the farm, identifying 18 different soil types and where they lie within the vineyards.   Trials have been conducted including different pruning techniques, cover crops and irrigation methods to determine the most effective regime to produce quality grapes.

    We harvest not by block, but per soil type.   This ensures optimum ripeness and preserving each sections unique flavours.  We can accurately identify the distinctive characteristics that terroir imparts.

    Utilising satellite imagery and boots on the ground, we monitor vigour, growth and ripeness.   Varying terroir creates microclimates within each vineyard block.  

    Within each block there are rows of vines which have flavour compounds which are exceptional.  These rows are vinified separately and tasted over and over again in the pursuit of perfection.

    We are delighted to present the 7 Rows Range which expresses the passion, craft and dedication of the team at Lomond.

    Snowbush 2019

    The iconic Snowbush is returning to the Lomond family.

    The last vintage of the wine was produced in 2013. This unique wine is a blend of wooded Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon & Viognier.  

    On the nose, the wine is showing complex floral and stone fruit notes with a hint of minerality.  On the palate, the wine is soft, rounded and refined with layers of flavours of fruit and citrus notes. The presence of the oak supports the wine and adds complexity.  The natural fresh acidity of this unique wine from Cape Agulhas adds a great liveliness to this wine.

    This complexity and flavours come from very selective sourcing and obsessive attention to detail.

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    Semillon 2019

    A very gentle whole bunch pressing was used to ensure that only the best possible juice gets extracted from the grapes. Juice was fermented in 500L French oak barrels and then left on the lees, in barrel, for 11 months.

    This wine is showing complex aromatics of lime, peach and white pear. On the palate, the wine is showing intense concentration of fruit. The zesty acidity gives this Semillon great freshness and a long lingering aftertaste.

    Only 700 bottles produced >>> Order Now

    Viognier 2019

    Viognier is a traditional Rhone variety that is perfectly suited to the cool climate of Lomond and Cape Agulhas.

    Grapes were hand picked and whole bunch pressed using only the free run quality.  The wine was fermented in 500L French oak barrels and matured in barrel for 11 months.   Viognier is a varietal that benefits from barrel maturation which adds great complexity to the wine.

    Viognier is as a very aromatic variety with hints of floral and sweet spice flavours.

    On the palate, the wine is showing intense fruit with a firm acidity. 

    Only 700 bottles produced >>> Order Now

    Ben Nevis Sauvignon Blanc 2020

    This wooded Sauvignon Blanc is made from a blend of our two Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, Pincushion and Sugarbush.

    The grapes underwent a 12-hour skin contact before being drained and gently pressed.  Fermentation was started in stainless steel and after five days was then transferred to barrel to finish fermentation.

    This classic Cape Agulhas Sauvignon Blanc shows white stone fruit with hints of blackcurrant and minerality.  The wine expresses complexity with an explosion of fruit with great structure. The very subtle wood influence adds a beautiful roundness to the wine. The ability to age is ensured by crisp acidity 

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