• Sauvignon Blanc Vertical Tasting (Virtual)

    Sit down virtually with winemaker Hannes Meyer for an interactive wine tasting of 5 different vintages of Lomond Sauvignon Blanc, going back 10 years.

    Each ticket includes 1 freshly packed tasting kit of 5 different 200ml samples (enough for 2 adults) of vintage wines from our personal collection over the years.

    Each kit also includes 1 bottle of our soon-to-be-released, all-new 2021 Estate Sauvignon Blanc.

    Experience for yourself the aging potential of Cape Agulhas Sauvignon Blanc while you learn about the complexities and nuance that goes into crafting wines that can withstand the test of time.

    Seats are limited to ensure a personal experience so get your tickets today!

  • Wooded Whites of Agulhas

    Experience the Wooded White Wines from the Agulhas region during a cool and exclusive showcase, presented by Pierre Rabie from Giant Periwinkle, Hannes Meyer from Lomond and Trevor DeRuisé from LOST BOY.

    Date: Tuesday 27 April 2021
    Time: 11h00 – 12h30
    Venue: The Giant Periwinkle wine farm, Baardskeerdersbos (Visit www.giantperiwinkle.co.za for directions)

    Cost: R120 (EFT or at the door)
    Reservations: E-mail Robert Stelzner – rglstelz@law.co.za

  • Art Week at Lomond

    Wine & Art pairs wonderfully!

    Join us for a whole week of fun with wine & art.We’ll have daily art exhibitions of the local artists from Gallary69’s masterpieces, no entrance fee!

    We’ll also be hosting a series of other daily events throughout the week.

    For any further info:
    Whatsapp: 082 908 0099
    Email: info@lomond.co.za

  • Die Heuwels Fantasties LIVE at Lomond

    Music & Wine next to the dam – what more could one ask for?We’ll have large bedouin tents up, next to the dam, serving drinks & foods while you enjoy the absolutely amazing Heuwels Fantasties!!

    Gates open from 9H30, performance starting from 12H00.

    Seating available, but picnic blankets & camping chairs advisable.

    Please note, no tables or seats will be reserved, so be sure to come early to reserve your spot!

    Tickets sales are limited to ensure proper social distancing.

    Adults: R250 (includes your own stemless wine glass)Kids u/18: R200
    Kids u/12: R100
    Kids u/5 free

    Any further enquiries:
    Whatsapp – 082 908 0099
    Email – info@lomond.co.za

  • Wine Walk

    Saturday 3 April, 2021 at 10am

    Stroll, sip-sip, from Sauvignon to Merlot!Enjoy a wine walking route between our vineyards, stopping at the different cultivars for a wine tasting at each block.

    Whatever your motivation; getting fit or getting buzzed, remember to book your spot:
    info@lomond.co.za or
    082 908 0099 (Whatsapp)

    R150 pp

  • Easter Egg Hunt in the Forest

    Sunday 4 April, 2021 at 11am

    Every year Eastertime, a bunny comes hopping through our magical Milkwood Forest, hiding chocolate coated candies between the branches & bushes.

    We’re opening up our forest to all the little explorers to come harvest the chocolate candies left behind.While little explorers are hunting, the slightly elder explorers can indulge in some much needed vino.

    We’ll also be serving platters & craft beers in the forest.

    Bookings essential for tiny explorers:

    082 908 0099 | info@lomond.co.za
    Costs per tiny explorer R100
    (Explorers 12 years and under)

  • Bottomless Coffee Band at Lomond this Sunday

    Sunday, 4 April 2021 at 12pm

    Enjoy a Sunday Funday at Lomond Wine Estate, relaxing next to the dam, while being entertained by the mesmerizingly awesome, Bottomless Coffee Band!

    R125 entrance fee pp, includes your own glass! Kids under 18 years old, R50 each.

    We’ll be serving wines, craft beers, platters and roosterkoeke.

    Gates open from 9h30! Performance starting at 12h00.We have big Bedouin tents up to ensure proper social distancing, in an open space, outdoor setting.

    Get your tickets today HERE.

    Further info,
    Whatsapp: 082 908 0099 or
    Email: info@lomond.co.za

  • Fighting for Fynbos

    Happy New Year, everyone. What a year it was. For many, ourselves included, 2020 brought challenges unlike anything experienced before. And while we welcome the new beginning – 2021 is a blank canvas rather than a solution. What we make of it is entirely up to us.

    In November last year we introduced you to Princess. Together, with the help of your Sauvignon Blanc orders, we were able to hire her and her team for 12 weeks.

    In this time they cleared thousands of alien plants that had all but won the fight with the indigenous fynbos. Today, 12 of the 16 hectare, high-priority section on Lomond has been saved.

    A quick walk through the cleared area makes it clear why these efforts are so critical. Within 20 minutes of exploration, 8 different indigenous fynbos species ranging from Critically Endangered to Vulnerable were identified. Every one of them is facing decreasing populations with the #1 reason the same: habitat loss due to alien plant species.

    Leucadendron elimense – Status: Endangered, Population: Decreasing
    Protea aspera – Status: Vulnerable, Population: Decreasing
    Leucospermum prostratum – Status: Vulnerable, Population: Decreasing
    Osyris speciosa – Status: Vulnerable, Population: Decreasing
    Protea subulifolia – Status: Threatened, Population: Decreasing
    Leucospermum hypophyllocarpodendron – Status: Vulnerable, Population: Decreasing
    Serruria rubricaulis – Status: Near threatened, Population: Decreasing
    Aulax umbellata – Status: Near threatened, Population: Decreasing

    With 4 more hectares still to go, the fight doesn’t stop there. All of these sections now need to be revisited several times to stop any new alien growth or risk falling right back into the dire conditions they were in just a few months ago.

    The fight against aliens is daunting. It is thankless. And it is hard work. However, it’s worth it. Our goal is to keep Princess and her team employed and fighting into 2021.

    If you are able, we ask that you join us in this fight and help us protect South Africa’s beautiful fynbos for generations to come.

    * Donation:
  • November for Good

    2020 has been anything but conventional. It has had many of us reprioritizing the things that matter most in life. As Black Friday nears, it was clear we needed to take a different approach this year. One that aligned better with the core values of Lomond which are conservation and community.

    We would like to introduce you to Princess. She is a businesswoman, a conservationist, and a role model for many young women in the Gansbaai area. Her company, Siyanda Alien Clearing, is committed to fighting one of the greatest threats to fynbos: the invasion of alien plant species. She has been battling these invasive plants for 16 years and employs a team of 10 women. Rather than a manager, she acts as a mentor to the members of her team – teaching and empowering them to grow and one day become their own boss, just like she has done.

    Since lockdown, nearly all funding for alien clearing has been halted, leaving Princess and her team out of work. Since most of her workers are the primary source of income for their families, you can imagine the hardship they’ve been facing.

    Further, these alien plants have not slowed their spread with the pandemic. Instead, they’ve taken full advantage of the absence of Princess and her team.

    There are a number of fynbos species that are found nowhere else on earth beyond the borders of Lomond. They exist right here, above the vines, and nowhere else.

    Knowing this and the obvious hardship such a special member of our community has been facing, we hired Princess and her team last month to exclusively tackle a problematic area of the farm where we have started to lose the fight to aliens.

    In just 4 weeks, they have made incredible progress and shown sunlight to fynbos that was nearly lost.

    It is hard and often thank-less work. It’s a never-ending task. However, it is critical for the conservation of fynbos.

    So like many things this year, the old idea of Black Friday just doesn’t add up anymore. Moments are more important than things. Outdoors are far superior to indoors. And we are encouraging everyone to trade the mall for the hills. Grab a nice bottle of wine and head into nature with loved ones.

    And with that, we will be allocating 10% of every bottle of Sauvignon Blanc sold, for the rest of the month, towards this conservation initiative.

  • 2020 Lomond Open Water Swim

    13 December, 2020

    Finish your year well by participating in the Lomond Open Water Swim taking place on Sunday 13 December 2020!

    Whilst you are very close to South Africa’s Great White Shark capital, you will be safe while swimming in a beautiful freshwater dam surrounded by vineyards and fynbos valleys. An absolute treat as swimming in this dam is only allowed at these events.

    This is a Swimming South Africa Sanctioned event organized with the Western Cape Aquatics Open Water Board giving the opportunity to our Athletes to gain qualifying times for SA OWS Nationals.