Last year we introduced you to one of our areas conservation heroes, Princess, and her team at Siyanda Alien Clearing. Unfortunately government funding for alien plant clearing has not returned since the start of the pandemic. However, Princess and her team remain hard at work on Lomond. And currently, they are tackling a hillside with 4 different species of Conebush on it, 2 of which have a conservation status of either Endangered or Vulnerable.

As we near the end of our month-long celebration of Conebush, we wanted to provide an update on one of the most critical and often overlooked conservation projects that is ongoing on the farm.

On the side of one of the tallest peaks on the farm, overlooking the Lomond dam, resides the Elim (Endangered), Dune (Vulnerable), Sunshine, and Toffee Apple Conebush species.

Alien plants remain the primary threat to most fynbos in this area and this hillside is no exception.

For over a month, Princess and her team have been slowly working their way across this hillside clearing out the biggest culprit: Acacia saligna, or Port Jacksons.

The work is intense, slow, and meticulous – but the results are undeniable.

Coming to the farm soon? Take a stroll on some of our trails and see if you can spot all 4 Conebush species.

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