Earlier this month we introduced you to Richard Bosman in our new Neighbors of Lomond campaign. Bosman’s commitment to his craft and similar philosophies to our own when it comes to the importance of raw materials were big in deciding what cured meats to showcase on our platters.

However, the greatest asset to having someone like Richard Bosman in our corner is the collaboration and continual pursuit of a better pairing experience for our guests.

Richard knows our wines well. Every time a new wine is released, we know we can rely on his expertise to tweak and improve our platters and overall tasting room experience.

Below are 4 of the best and most unique wine and cured meat pairings by the man himself, Richard Bosman. They act as the foundation of our fan-favorite Meat Platter. They can also be experienced anywhere and anytime when you order online at https://www.richardbosman.co.za/

2018 Belladonna SMV Blend and Salami Vino

Salami vino is a classic salami made with red wine and aged for 3 months. It is quite rich and flavorful.

The spice of the Syrah in the Belladonna compliments the pepper in the meat.

The dark fruit characteristics in the wine allow one to pickup the subtle red wine hints from the making of the salami.

And finally the body, size, and structure of the wine cut through the fat and allow for many dimensions of the salami to be appreciated.

2020 Pincushion Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc and Coppa

Coppa is an air dried pork neck with wonderful marbling. The meat is cured with a hint of clove which comes through subtly on the palate.

The key to this pairing is an acidity on the wine that will cut through the fat on the meat, while complimenting the gentle clove notes layered in the umami flavors of the meat.

Our biggest, most complex Sauvignon Blanc – the 2020 Pincushion has a beautiful acidity with a complex and layered palate that compliment the coppa’s flavor profile perfectly..

2018 Phantom Pinot Noir and Lonzino

Lonzino is a cured pork fillet. Seasoned with a hint of paprika, garlic and rosemary it’s great when sliced a little thicker. This is another meat that is quite elegant and nuanced, which is why the light and fruit Phantom Pinot Noir pairs so beautifully.

A fairly lean meat, too much tannin in a wine could easily dominate. The silky smooth tannin coating the layers of red fruit one will find on this Pinot Noir act as the perfect match.

2017 Brut Cap Classique and Prosciutto

Bosman’s prosciutto is air dried ham made from only the highest quality free range pork. He only works with farmers that do not utilize growth hormones or antibiotics. Gently cured with salt alone to showcase the true, natural flavour of the meat. Less is more is the mantra when making this subtle ham.

The key to this pairing is to not overpower this nuanced meat. The dryness, crisp acidity, and elegance of a classic Brut compliment this prosciutto perfectly.

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