If you’ve been to the farm or know someone who has, surely you’ve heard about our platters. Now cheese boards and charcuterie have become quite popular with wine estates but a Lomond platter is an experience well beyond just a snack with a glass of wine.

Much like what makes our wines so unique, there is an undeniable sense of place in every item that makes up our platters. Everything from the cheese to the meat is hand selected from a local producer somewhere on the Western Cape that shares our same production philosophies.

Similar to the subtle variations in our wines from vintage to vintage, our relationship with these quality producers allows for the constant evolution of our platters as they release new or varied products so that we are always in pursuit of the best pairing experience.

This month we’d like to showcase the man behind one of the main pillars that makes up our platters – Richard Bosman.

Bosman is a Western Cape native that after leaving the corporate world in the early 2000’s founded a deli in Hermanus. It was during this time he began learning the art of Italian and Spanish style meat curing. In 2009 he opened his factory for Richard Bosman’s Quality Cured Meats.

Very similar to our winemaking ideology, Richard believes fully in the importance of a quality raw material. His relationships with pig farmers across the Western Cape allow him to source the highest quality, ethically reared meat, where his low-intervention techniques allow for a true sense of place with his final products.

He only sources pasture raised animals from farms that do not use antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. This of course lengthens the breeding cycle but the natural and active lifestyle of the animal is what yields such flavorful, high quality meat.

Bosman does not believe in mass production. His entire business is built on integrity, quality, and a ‘less is more’ philosophy which resonated with us at the highest level.

Our platters are one of the pillars of a visit to the Lomond tasting room. Being able to phone someone like Richard when a new vintage of Syrah comes out, for example, and get the insight of an expert to always be improving our pairings is why these platters are so special. And it’s why supporting these local, artisanal producers is so vital to our communities.

If you’d like to learn more, shop Richard Bosman’s many delicious products, or sign up for his next charcuteries course, visit his website and subscribe: https://www.richardbosman.co.za/

Stay tuned later this month for some wine and meat pairings recommended by the man himself – Richard Bosman.

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