Discover Authenticity – The Rockpool Experience – by Lomond

Rockpools are mesmerising – always full of colour, life and the unexpected. 

What makes a Rockpool so unique and fascinating is the fact that it is ever changing – not one day will it look the same nor will you find the same sea life every time you go there.  

The rockpools which inspires this range of wines are at my favourite local fishing spot at Romansbaai.

As a winemaker, I truly believe that innovation is the building block to success, as well as the foundation on which a great winemaker is built. Many of these innovative experiments and winemaking techniques result into the creation of unique gems in the cellar.  These Rockpool wines  are an expression of craftsmanship, innovation and dedication.  Like a Rockpool, these unique wines will be ever changing. Every year, something new will appear from my ocean of innovation, depending on cultivar and vintage variation. 

I am immensely proud to introduce the following two wines in the Rockpool range: