The spirit of Hannes Meyer’s Rockpool Range is exploration. It is about pushing boundaries and discovering new possibilities both in the vineyard and the cellar.

With this, one of the most unique and exquisite wines to ever bare the Rockpool label was born in 2021 and will soon be available to Cellar Club members.

With only 2 barrels produced, we are thrilled to introduce the new Rockpool Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon Co-Ferment.

It is both the very first skin-fermented white wine we have produced as well as the first white wine at Lomond to undergo carbonic maceration. The result is a textured, complex wine with beautiful pyrazine undertones from the Semillon and skin ferment and a symphony of tropical fruit from the Sauvignon Blanc, amplified by the carbonic maceration.

On the first day of processing our Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blancs, 25 of the best crates of grapes were set aside. In the cold-room from the previous day were 25 more hand-selected crates of the finest Semillon.

Hand-sorted and loaded into a single 1T fermenter, the bunches were then immersed in C02 gas from already-fermenting Sauvignon Blanc juice. This fermenter was then sealed off and left. From here the C02 enters the berries and creates an enzymatic ferment within each individual grape. The result is an amplification of flavour and aroma one must experience for themselves to truly understand.

After 11 days under gas, the fruit was then loaded by hand into a bladder press where it was very gently pressed into 2 x 300L old French oak barrels. Here it finished alcoholic fermentation and then rested for the following 9 months before heading to bottle.

This wine truly pushes the boundaries of both cultivar and winemaking. While it’s complexity will allow for some incredible food pairing options – the journey each sip takes the palate on is worth simply sitting with and discovering.

Cellar Club Members can expect the announcement of this wine’s release within the next 72 hours. Not a member yet? Join today for FREE.

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